In the choice between taste and nutrition, choose both!

Bariatric Fusion Prepared Meal Plan

With the Bariatric Fusion Prepared Meal Plan, you can fuel your body with flavorful food that complements your lifestyle and goals. Whether tracking your macronutrient intake, looking for perfect portion control, or seeking a more convenient, stress-free way to plan weekly meals, our menu of chef-crafted, fresh-not-frozen meals helps you be your best possible self for all the things that really matter in your life. We know how important your diet is to achieving and maintaining your weight loss and nutritional goals. Let Bariatric Fusion help lead the way to delicious, convenient, stress-free success!

Nutrition Expertise

Our team has developed perfect meal preparations based on 17 years of clinical experience and the feedback of over 5,000 patients. With the help of our team of expert dietitians, medical professionals and experienced chefs, our bariatric-specific prepared meal plan meets your every macronutrient need.


Our Meals & Menus

Breakfasts worth getting out of bed for. Well-balanced power lunches. Mouth-watering dinners. Craveable healthy snacks. Bariatric Fusion Prepared Meal Plan is the natural choice for giving your body the fuel it needs for optimum performance. Each week our menu changes to offer a variety of options that are perfectly portioned for you. You’ll never get bored!


Pressed for time? Pressed for time? With our Prepared Meal Plan, you can have fresh, nutritionally balanced meals at your fingertips without the hassle of grocery shopping or cooking.

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